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Everything but the kitchen sink ...

Packing for Camp

What do we recommend that you bring?

  • Bible

  • Notebook (for copious notes)

  • Casual clothes (jeans, shorts, sneakers)

  • Modest one piece bathing suit (optional)

  • Beach towels (optional)

  • Sweater or jacket (rain gear comes in handy, too)

  • Bedding supplies (sheets, blankets, pillows or sleeping bags) - 

** We provide these for campers who are traveling by means other than car

  • Towels and washcloths -

** We provide these for campers who are traveling by means other than car

  • Flashlight & extra batteries (for returning to your sleeping quarters after evening classes)

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

  • Tylenol, cold medicine, etc.

  • Spending money for Gift/Snack/Book Shop, aka: Shmata shop and laundromat

  • Shabbat clothes (casual church clothes)

PDF Printable List of Packing Items Here

Here are the average temperatures that you may encounter while enjoying camp.